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Kingman is in a valley sourrounded by mountains, there are numerous great locations for mountain bike riding. If you are a very adventurous person, you have high levels of strength and endurance, Kingman, Arizona has some great bike trails.

You will probably feel you are in ecstasy as your adrenaline levels rush over the top enjoying the ride and looking at the beautiful scenery.

Be Safe While Riding - We want you to be safe and enjoy your riding so here are some tips for your safety in the mountains and desert of the Kingman. There are a real dangers to mountain bikers.

Recently some kids were riding an ATV along the side of road and fell into an old mine shaft. Old mines are all over the place, and a real danger. Be Careful where you ride.

Badger Trail - The Badger Trail in the Cerbat Mountains is a great adventure. It has hills to climb and vistas to see of Kingman and the surrounding desert.

Camp Beale Loop - The top of the ride provides two views: Kingman’s skyline with the Hualapais and the Black Mountains in the distance. There are many switchbacks aand it is a fun adventure.

Fowler Loop - The ride starts with easy ride about 200 feet to the top, .then drops down into a very curvy and fast section before becomming a cross-country type for about 4.5 miles. To get there get off I-40 on Beale Steet headed east to Fourth St. Turn right and go about 4 miles down to the last train tressel, park off the road, go under the tressel and the ride is well marked .

Monolith Garden - The northern network of trails are the Cook Canyon Loop Trails and the large loop to the south is the Monolith Garden Loop. The Camp Beal Loop Trail connects by going under the highway.

The trailhead is off of highway 93 just west of I 40. Metwell Drive is a half-mile from the interstate on the south side of the road. A mile farther also on the south side is another trailhead visible from the highway. Fast hard-packed trails with some ups and downs but no serious climbs.

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