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The Kingman area is ground zero for Jeep and 4x4 trail riding fun. Most people will find these trails to be a fun adventure with some steep climbs, narrow ledge roads (plenty wide for one Jeep, but not wide enough to pass. Riders will discover endless hours of fun on mountain and desert trails.

Be sure you have an off-road vehicle. There are 4-wheel drive vehicles and there are off-road vehicles. There is a difference! Your SUV or pick-up may have 4-wheel drive, but that don't make it a good choice for trail riding.

The 27,660-acre Mount Nutt Wilderness is located in Mohave County, 15 miles west of Kingman, Arizona and 12 miles east of Bullhead City, Arizona. This wilderness encompasses an eight-mile-long stretch of the central (and highest) portion of the Black Mountains. Nutt Mountain, at 5,216 feet, presides over a colorful and wild terrain. Along the main ridgeline, prominent mesas have been cut into a series of steep maze-like canyons. More ...

Eldorado Jeep Trail - The trail immediately leads away from the highway. It travels through BLM land for the first stretch as it follows along the wash line, sometimes traveling in the wash. The vegetation is sparse—mainly creosote bush and tall Mohave yuccas.

Special Attractions: Old gold, silver, and copper mining remains; Colorado River access and camping in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area; Chance to see bighorn sheep and wild burros. High-clearance 4WDs are preferred, but any high-clearance vehicle is acceptable.

Expect a rough road surface; mud and sand are possible but will be easily passable. You may encounter rocks up to 6 inches in diameter, a loose road surface, and shelf roads, though these will be wide enough for passing or will have adequate pull-offs. Center: 35.7523°N 114.5025°W

Moss Wash Trail. Just a few miles southeast of Kingman and a couple thousand feet higher, you will find the Moss Wash Trail. Moss Wash gets its name because of the moss growing along its bottom from a year-round spring.

The Moss Wash Trail leads to the Hualapai Mansion (known locally as the Moss Mansion) and the Gold King Mine. Built in the 1930s during the Great Depression, the mansion is two stories tall, built of 6-inch-thick reinforced concrete, and has high arched windows (now missing all the glass).

Built to house the owners of the nearby Gold King Mine, the Hualapai Mansion has been adopted by the Walapai 4 Wheelers, who attempt to keep it graffiti- and trash-free. N 35 01.590W 113 50.220

Homecourt Trail - Rockin' Off Route 66 - Named for its discoverer, is well-known to the Jeepers of Kingman. It's rated as a 3+ to 4 and many of the Kingman Jeepers use it as a tune-up and a test trail.

The turn-off, which is also an excellent spot to leave your RV or trailer-towing rig, is a wide, flat area about the size of the football field, on the south side of Route 66 right at mile-post 47, exactly 2.3 miles from the intersection of Beale Street and West Andy Devine Avenue (Old Route 66). Even if you're from out of state, you can't miss the turn for Route 66, the Mohave County Museum sits on the corner, which is just a few blocks southeast of I-40 on Beale.

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