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Two-wheeled riding machines were first invented in the early 1800's. Over the years, improvements were made to the overall design, until we see the types of bikes around today, with high-tech suspensions, designs, and safety features.

Dirtbike riding is an activity for for individuals, groups and families. The Kingman area has 100's of miles of roads and trails to ride on

Be Safe While Riding - We want you to be safe and enjoy your riding so here are some tips for your safety in the mountains and desert of the Kingman. There are a real dangers to hikers and off road vehicles such as the ATV or dirt bike.

Recently some kids were riding an ATV along the side of road and fell into an old mine shaft. Old mines are all over the place, and a real danger to hikers and off road vehicles such as the ATV or dirt bike. It is tempting to strike off on your own across the wide open spaces, but it is safer to stay on the trails. Be Careful where you ride.
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Jeff Gursh, PO Box 31877
Phoenix, AZ 85046
T.E.A.M. Arizona
Conducts DirtBike School training in Arizona.
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